Dandarum History

Before 873 – Most of the written text concerning history before this point was lost during the Great Purge, as was most knowledge of the time before.

874 – The 8 Kingdoms of Ormen enter an unprecedented decline. Violence and greed were high. The kings ruled with an iron fist, keeping themselves and their nobles well fed and happy.

876 – Commoner Massacre: The common masses, tiered of horrid and hungry lives, attempted to up rise against the ruling class. This resulted in what became known as the Commoner Massacre, as hundreds of thousands were killed across the continent. The week lower class, was no match for the well fed armies of the elite.

877 – The Uprising ended a few months shortly after.

878 – The End: Disappearances started. First were druids, then Wizards and sorcerers alike. It seemed that magic was leaving the world.

878 – 4 months after the Disappearances started, any who were left with the ability to do magic, sorcerer and cleric alike, suddenly lost all ability to cast magic. The world plunged into a state of anarchy, with the near lifeblood of magic now completely gone. It seemed that even the gods had forsaken this world.

880 – The ruling class, using what authority it had left, managed to pray on the peoples fear. Offering safety to those who pledged to the kings, there was almost no city or village not now under the “protection” of the kingdoms. This protection came at a price. That price being a large share of whatever the town or village exported.

885 – The world was in a terrible state. Only two classes were left. The noble kings and those closest to the kingdom, and the poverty stricken, the ones sworn to work day and night to pay the kingdoms for protection.

887 – A small group started to form in the south east of the continent. Rumors of several people leading it, with lost magic arts.

888 – This group was not small any longer. The worn and poverty stricken quickly joined after seeing the miracle of magic. Soon, this group was a large and powerful army, ignored by the kingdoms. After all, who would believe that magic had come back to this land?

The Magi Strike__

889 – The Magi Army marched on the Southeastern most Kingdom of Lailtis. The attack lasted 2 short days. Reports from the battle tell of strong magic storms and dragons braking the walls of the kingdom. The noble army was crushed, and the town taken.

889 – The winning army spread through the town, arming any that wished to join. Finally the leaders of the army addressed the masses. Reports tell of 8 larger than life figures, speaking with voices that carried for miles, promising to set the world back to how it was so many years ago. Giving the lives back to more then nobles.

889 – Only two months after the Attack on Lailtis, the army marched once again. The surviving nobles had made it to the nearby kingdom of Rakangos and brought word of the marching army.

889 – The Magi army reaches Rakangos, facing a more prepared army than that at Lailtis. This siege took 3 days. And the process repeated.

890 – The army marched through the remaining two southern kingdoms, Seradit First, followed by Crenver. Neither siege lasting more than a week.

890 – After hearing of the quick improvements of each Kingdom that had fallen under the rule of the 8 Magi, their armies only grew on the way to each kingdom. The vast majority of the army, over 200,000 strong held against an attack from the northern kingdoms on Crenver, decimating the attackers.

891 – A year and a half after starting the conquest, the Magi army split. Leaving armies to guard the borders of each kingdom, leaving nearly 150,000 in the main force. That then split in two, and marched on the north east and north west kingdoms of Issendis and Nerroth. Two months later, the armies marched on the last remaining Kingdoms. The twin Kingdoms of Cerolding and Naundar.

891 – The Last Battle: The twin kingdoms put up a fight. Being only miles from each other, their fortifications held strong. But the weeklong siege, combined with the revolts inside of the kingdom walls was enough to bring those walls down. Here the Magi were reported to show their full strength. Conjuring fire, dragons, undead and lightning to take out the remaining forces of the Old Kings.

891 – Almost two full years to the day, from the start of the sieges to the Final Battle, the Magi now had full control of the Continent. The Magi declared themselves the New gods and kings, and started to seed magic back into the world.

A New Start__

Year 0 – The Magi declared a start to a new calendar, to cleanse the history of the corrupt Kingdoms.

Years 1-18 – A massive rebuilding effort went underway to repair the damage from the Magi War. The first sign of magic started to return, with acolytes chosen to be trained by each of the Magi. The lucky few, were chosen to learn the Secrets of the Magi, to quicken the brining of magic to the common man.

Year 19 – The introduction of Magic rings. The Acolytes created rings with imbued magical spells. Some rings would ware out after a few uses, while others seemed permanent. The acolytes, along with those who received these rings, were the first in the Magic Council, A group of trained mages sent out to bring magic to others.

Year 20 – Some started to show natural talents for magic. These few became known as sorcerers, and were quickly taken away into a kingdom for training. These Sorcerers became part of the Kings Guard.

Year 50 – Magic was now spreading out. If you had the money for it, you could buy any number of rings with useful spells

Year 80 – The Magi gathered. And announced that they were leaving the right hands of each throne in power. They were old, and it was time to step down.

Year 100 – Dangerous magic became available in ring form. Sorcerers were no longer forcefully taken to train, but now able to live how they wished.

Year 150 – Natural magic started to return. Most wanted to use this magic to their advantage, using this magic to hold sway on those below them, creating many small cults.

Year 166 – The reintroduction of dangerous magic causes several spells to go awry, creating several magical plagues.

Year 182 – The kingdoms, now at least 3 kings removed from the Magi, broke alliances and became self reliant once again. Though no wars started, small battles for territory once again began taking place.

Year 184 – This is your time. Make of it what you will!

Dandarum History

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